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Photo Gallery

2011 Learn To Sing Final Night Concert

Chorus & Students.Spp

Broadside in Castle Mall 2011

Broadside in Aashwellthorpe 2012

The 2012 ‘After Convention Party Fun’

Convention Rookies with recent signing Derek Selden

‘Ad Hoc’, on the ‘Boardwalk’

Mightily impressed Ladies!  Diane & Christine discuss breathing & posture whilst Kate & Alison discuss resonance and timbre!

Diane, John & Penny Fine City Chorus 2013 Annual Dinner John & Alan Brian, Maria & Andrew Ken, Brian & Judy David, Elaine & Karen David & Alice Brian, Maria, Andrew, Sue, Bruce & Jill Noi, Rob & Richard James, John & Paul Embryonic Quartet! Sue, Bruce & Jill John & David Diane, David Carol & Margaret John & Diane Carol & Dan David & Margaret James & John John, Elizabeth & Peter Ian, Gail & Jill

Learn To Sing In Harmony 2013

Week 4 Wanderings

IMG_1878 SH Coaching Pres.jpg

‘Coaching Presentation’ with Simon Hilton

Beautiful Baritones!

Terrific Tenors!

Delightful Leads!

Our Basses are like Liquid Gold!